InnoVEN is a Chennai-based company is committed to empowering aspiring innovators / entrepreneurs with capital, mentorship, and collective intelligence to help turn the ideas into for-profit or non-profit ventures, to take products or services to market faster, to raise additional capital needs, and to provide advisory and governance support, and the right exit strategies.

InnoVEN currently builds successful enterprises in Tamil Nadu and creates superior returns on investment for its investors. This is accomplished by investing in promising early-stage companies in high growth emerging markets  and providing significant assistance as they develop.

Currently, the company intends to focus on identifying high-growth technology and tech-enabled businesses in the consumer internet, e-commerce, software, healthcare and financial services.

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Create enormous opportunities and gain access to aspirant innovators / entrepreneurs with capital, mentoring, collective intelligence and help turn the ideas into for-profit or non-profit ventures, to take new and novel products or services to market faster nationally and internationally, and to raise any additional capital needs and provide advisory and governance support, and the right exit strategies, and in due course, create a holistic ecosystem in Tamilnadu.

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InnoVEN is committed to achieve its objective with right funding strategy, mentorships and guidance to innovators/entrepreneurs in achieving a collective goal. InnoVEN provides the best experienced people associated with specialized fields to enable a high growth potential to the business models of innovators. Performance is ensured at every level with effective utilization of latest technologies available in current markets.

Why we focus only on tamilnadu regions?

  • Reason 1 : Create

    There is a huge potential to create a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship, and most importantly a holistic ecosystem in Tamil Nadu.

  • Reason 2 : Connect

    There is a mutual interest to connect between innovators/entrepreneurs and investors in a high talent pool with innovation, and unique opportunities in Tamil Nadu.

  • Reason 3 : Enhance

    There is a huge opportunity to expand globally in premium categories.

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